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Rebooting Dead Media since 2001

Rebooting Dead Media since 2001

Hello World! I am the Floppy Guy, a Seattle artist who creates things with 3.5” floppy disks. I dig their blockiness and simplicity that once were the icons of the Computer Age, the last “perfect” storage medium before everything evaporated into the Cloud.

And yet! The humble floppy lives on as a skeuomorph in our taskbars, saving the results of our labors, allowing us to return to what WAS when what IS has lost its shine. I have at least 10,000 of them in my basement, where I assemble them into plastic mosaics, each disk a pixel, tributes to 8-bit characters of yore.

HOWEVER. The mosaics in question are enormous, heavy, and rather tricky to drop in the mail (have a look on floppyguy.com to see what I mean), so I created this shop to share my less bulky inspirations... but if you're local and interested, give me a shout!

Either way, I’m hopelessly in love with old futures and bad puns, and this shop is a valentine. Thanks for coming by, and I hope you dig it.